Headshots & Resumes


A performer’s business card is their headshot. Whether you’re doing Acting, Modeling Singing or Dancing at Premiere, you need to have a professional looking headshot to give out to the industry professionals.

A headshot is a direct representation of the performer. Industry standard is an 8×10, colored photo with name printed at the bottom. This photograph is considered to be the performer’s “calling card” and a way to advertise yourself. When taking your headshot photos, it is essential that the focal point of the photo is your face.

Many families have asked our Performers Department where they can get professional prints of their headshot and resume done. Premiere now provides a service where you can have your headshots and resumes professionally printed and delivered free to the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin.

75 professionally printed color headshots
75 resumes attached to the headshot
Name printed on the front of headshot
Free Delivery
$175.00 (USD)

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